Donnie Williams – 2nd run

Grand Prairie Police Motorcycle Rodeo – April 30, 2011 If you live in North Texas come learn from the best!!!

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25 thoughts on “Donnie Williams – 2nd run”

  1. I’m not taking anything away from the guy but sometimes he is just leaning it down til the sidebars(or something else under there) scrape,that really isnt balancing anything.I’d like to see him do the same thing on a dual sport or dirt bike.As a woods racer/trials rider,Im not really impressed.It does take some skill to do a coarse like that tho :)

  2. @yamahajim906 He is scraping the floorboards in the turns. The floorboards won’t hold the bike up and certainly wouldn’t allow him to straighten the bike out for the next turn. They aren’t training wheels! If he dropped the bike, he would have to pick the bike up. I am sure that he would be even faster on a dual sport bike weighing less than half of what that police bike weighs. He is turning that bike in circles that are no bigger than the length of the bike!

  3. @yamahajim906 Yeah, that bike weighs close to 700 pounds, so you’re a moron if you think the highway bars are doing anything to help him. The next position for most of us on one of THOSE turns on THAT bike would be on our ass! Well, your hip, then your shoulder, then your head, THEN your ass!! I’m left thinking that if you are any kind of “serious”, or “knowledgeable” “woods racer/trials rider”, then there would be NO FREAKIN’ DOUBT that you WOULD be SERIOUSLY impressed! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @yamahajim906 Sheesh! “Not really impressed”. You piss me off. WTF DOES it take to impress you?? (Rhetorical question-I don’t really care. You’ve already shown your scope of perception.)

  5. @SirCaleb Your mom’s a fag, your dad’s a lesbian, you probably drive a Prius, and your wife is jackhammering your neighbor in the doo-doo hole with a lawn dart as she gives birth to something
    resembling a cheddar cheese log with almonds on your dog’s tummy-tum. Oh yeah, and you’re a douche.
    End of line.

  6. @eezyrider65 I do trials riding on steep hillsides,rocks,cars,etc.he’s on flat ground, he’s only turning left and right,big deal,i’m still not that impressed and really dont care either :)

  7. wow thast cool with a full dress out police bike. anyone knockin him put your video up or shut up

  8. @alanhassall
    You’re really full of yourself. Get yourself a Harley or a Goldwing and make a fool of yourself.

  9. I remember doing something like this with a warehouse forklift and didn’t hit one crate or cone :) And that was with a load on my forks!! This is awsome though!! :) Kudos to the officer on the MC too!

  10. Dam that was sick. I couldn’t do that on my gsxr let alone a big ass bike like that! Props!

  11. Wow! Think what he could do if he was riding a motorcycle instead of that piece of agricultural equipment.

  12. Your rock! I have seen this event at Rally’s or fund raiser’s but your the best so far. Makes me want to get my Heritage out on the course, but I really like my bike too much to tear it up. Thanks for the entertainment.

  13. I hope he got a lucrative Krispee Kreme product endorsement contract.

    I always thought motorcycle police should have something like the BMW F650GS.

  14. @DougEStyle01 The floor boards do move. They are not training wheels and give(spring loaded) just like any other foot peg does.

  15. @Blackrier93 The “pad” (floor boards) do not hold that bike up. They give like any other foot peg would.

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